Optibike is expanding on a global level where no electric bicycle has gone before.

Electric bicycles are the world’s best-selling electric vehicles.

Optibike International is the exclusive distributor for breakthrough new rapid charging technology making Optibike, the e-bike game changer.

Developed by a physicist, the fast charging technology incorporates patent pending smart technology into the design.

This technology has the ability to charge the Optibike in only 15-minutes for distances of 40 kilometers, versus the current 8-hour charge time

This new rapid charging technology allows for motor designs that weigh 25% less yet offer the same level of performance.

In development is a revolutionary low rpm motor that eliminates the need for geared transmissions, thus reducing weight, increasing efficiency and costs.

Smart technology registers the flow of electricity in and out of the battery when it is plugged in. Optibike owners will save money on their electric bills by storing power in the e-bike during off-peak hours and pushing power back into the grid during peak-hours when it is most expensive.

Optibikes rapid charging technology will have the additional benefit for owners of solar powered homes by helping reduce their initial purchase investment payback time by half.

Optibike: The E-bike that saves you money

Executive Team

Jim Turner
Jim TurnerCTO
Jim Turner is president and founder of Optibike. Jim is acknowledged as one of the top electric bike designers in the world. In his youth, Jim was two time National Motocross champion and has a Master’s Degree from the Design Division of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. Jim has multiple patents in diverse fields from semiconductor equipment to electric bicycles to Chemical dispensing systems.


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